Sunday, February 22, 2009


Before any discussion of dresses, glamor, fashion (or faux-pas), and dresses once again, I need to mention the one who stood out most to me during this year's Oscars Awards Ceremony.
Heath Ledger.
Not at all surprisingly, Heath won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar Award for his performance of the Joker in the Dark Knight. And no other man deserved this more. It is unfortunate when men as great as Heath have to leave us so early. But although Heath could not be on that podium to accept his award, and although his parents were on the stage where he should have been--where we all would have liked to see him--there was still that rare and strong emotion across the audience's eyes that only Heath could have provoked. The same feeling I experienced the first time I watched one of Keith's performances ("Ten Things I Hate About You") and the last time, too ("The Dark Knight"): a mixture of love, admiration, compassion, envy, enthusiasm, respect and euphoria. His humble attitude left me ever wondering...what's a girl to do with Heath...give him a big bear hug or seduce him?
Such was Heath: lovable, yet humble; seductive, yet serious; rebellious, yet devoted.
And to many of us, he still is. 


  1. I sooo feel you on this one.
    I liked Heath in every movie he played in, although he was never a candy boy or a macho mac (or maybe because of that). I particularly loved his game in "The Dark knight", a movie which got me thinking beyond all the action and special effects.
    Great loss for the cinema world and not only..

  2. Thanks for the comment, Alex! I was I know you? I tried clicking on your name, but your profile is private. Either way, thanks for stopping by!
    It's difficult for me to say in which movie I liked Heath the best because, to me, he seemed like one of those actors who is very different in every role (like Meryl Streep, Gwyneth Paltrow or Leo DiCaprio perhaps?). But I must agree, the Dark Knight definitely got me thinking, too. Great game indeed!

  3. :) you know me as Buburuza on 360. i forgot my password and the email for this Google account.
    Heath seemed versatile, indeed, but more in a J.Depp way than Leonardo, because he would get so involved in his characters... Truly a young star that stopped shining too soon.